An alleged private conversation between James Franco and a 17-year-old girl visiting New York from Scotland has leaked online, in which the actor appears to try to convince her to meet him at a hotel room.

In their conversation, Franco appears to ask the teen where she's from, if she's single and if she wants to meet up if he gets a hotel room, after being told she's a few days shy of her 18th birthday.

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03 Apr 2014 4:40 PM
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We usually stay clear of celebrity gossip, but hearing about James Franco getting caught inviting a 17 year old to his hotel room on Instagram is too oily to ignore. We'll also tell you about...

According to Gawker , picking up a story from Daily Dot , Clode met Franco at an autograph signing for his current play, Of Mice and Men, on Tuesday.

During the alleged conversation the teen was doubtful that she was talking to the real James Franco and requested that he write her name on a piece of paper and send her a photo of his face.

Franco: Should I rent a room? Clode: April fools was an hour ago though...

Franco: Ok Franco: Be well Franco: X Clode: I'll come back when I'm 18