Grammy Awards 2019: Ranking the live performances, from best to worst

Camila Cabello performs "Havana" at the 61st annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP) This year’s Grammy Awards will finally offer answers to a few of music fans' most burning questions: Will Kendrick Lamar — with a field-leading eight nominations — earn the album of the year award, after scoring a Pulitzer? If so, why is it for a movie soundtrack? Speaking of films, will the soundtrack of "A Star is Born" shine, marking this the year of movie music? Or, with so many new female artists nominated — such as Cardi B, Dua Lipa and Jorja Fox — will this be the year women own the ceremony? [What if there were only one Grammy?] We’ll find out soon, but what we’re most excited for are the evening’s live performances.

Check back here throughout the night and refresh the page as we rank all the acts in real time.

Will a dulcet Brandi Carlile best a syrupy Young Thug? Can Lady Gaga recapture her cinematic glory? Are Post Malone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers the match made in the bowels of hell that it seems, or will they prove that putting together two awful things makes for something passable, like mixing grapefruit with gin? Here is how we’ve ranked the performances, from best to worst.

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