Behold frozen 'ghost apples,' courtesy of the polar vortex     - CNET

Ghost apples. Posted by Andrew Sietsema on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 Lots of fruits are out of season here in the northern hemisphere thanks to a rather harsh winter and a visit from our old friend, polar vortex.  But recent freezing rain in Michigan led to the production of a rare psuedo-crop: the ghost apple.

The above photos come from Andrew Sietsema, a former horticulture student at Michigan State University, who told WOOD-TV that the apple-shaped ice shells formed when the frozen precipitation coated the apples.

When he pruned the trees, the shaking branches caused many of the icy apples to fall off, but in a few cases the entirety of the mushy, rotten apples just slipped through the bottom of the frozen shell.  It's so cold out How long can your phone survive in a polar vortex? NASA watches wild polar vortex from space As polar vortex rolls in, Twitter rolls out Star Wars Hoth memes It's likely that the recent arctic blast from the polar vortex played a role in this unusual phenomenon.

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