This, as dozens of snowplows were taking to the streets of Denver after a powerful spring storm dropped more than a foot of heavy, wet snow across parts of Colorado and Wyoming. [1]

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for most of northern Colorado and parts of southern Wyoming for all of Sunday and for Monday morning. [5]

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12 May 2014 10:53 AM
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Powerful thunderstorms produced tornadoes as they moved across Nebraska on Sunday caused damage in several towns and rural areas in the east of the state. Officials said the storms damaged homes and businesses in or near Sutton, Garland, Cordova and Daykin, and knocked out power to 18,000 utility customers. [4]

Large hail and strong winds seen in the state were expected to head south into Kansas, and a tornado watch was issued for parts of Oklahoma. [4]

The storm was expected to weaken as it heads northeast from the Plains, possibly bringing rain as it moves into the Great Lakes, the weather service said. [4]

Kyle Fredin, a meteorologist for the weather service in Boulder, said the weather pattern is typical for this time of year and, "It's going to be kind of the same thing pretty much through the end of June." [1]

In Colorado, Department of Transportation officials said plunging temperatures and heavy, wet snow created icy road conditions, and multiple accidents were reported on several highways. [5]

Meanwhile, Denver officials plan to deploy up to 70 snowplows overnight to prepare for Monday's commute. [5]

Julie Smith, a spokeswoman for Denver International Airport, said crews have treated runways in anticipation of dropping temperatures Sunday night. [1]